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Wireless, Battery-free Electronic ‘Stickers’ Gauge Forces Between Touching Objects

October 10, 2023

Engineers developed electronic “stickers” that measure the force exerted by one object upon another. The force stickers are wireless, run without batteries and fit in tight spaces, making them versatile for a wide range of applications, from surgical robots to smart implants and inventory tracking.

Soft, Stretchy Electrode Simulates Touch Sensations Using Electrical Signals

June 28, 2024

…developed a soft, stretchy electronic device capable of simulating the feeling of pressure or vibration when worn on the skin. This device represents a step towards creating haptic technologies that can reproduce a more varied and realistic range of touch sensations for applications such as virtual reality, medical prosthetics and…

‘Sunny Days’ Student Festival on the Horizon

May 6, 2021

…bag, keychain, bucket hat, stickers and postcard. In addition, members of UC San Diego’s Class of 2020 are also invited to take part. “We’d like to honor the tradition for our alumni who did not get to take part in Sun God Festival last year, which had to be cancelled…

Making Masks Smarter and Safer Against COVID-19

January 21, 2021

…create test strips, or stickers, that can be put on any mask (N95, surgical or cloth). They will be designed to detect the presence of protein-cleaving molecules, called proteases, that are produced from infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The idea is that as the user breathes through the mask, particles—including…

Seeing is Understanding

March 8, 2018

…the back of a sticker. The third is a cleavable link that can only be cut by the right enzyme in the body, which acts like very specific molecular scissors. When the three-part dye hits normal body tissue, nothing happens. But cancer cells have molecular scissors that snip the link,…

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