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UC San Diego Health Notifies Patients of Vendor Data Collection Issue

March 16, 2023

UC San Diego Health is notifying patients about vendor, Solv Health, using analytics without our authorization to schedule for Urgent Care and Express Care.

UC San Diego Health Continues Regional Growth with New Clinic in Carmel Valley

September 14, 2020

UC San Diego Health continues to expand health care services by opening a new clinic located at 6030 Village Way in Pacific Highlands Ranch. The clinic offers primary care and women’s health services.

UC San Diego Health Continues Regional Growth with New Clinic in Eastlake

October 28, 2019

UC San Diego Health opens a new clinic in Eastlake that offers express care and imaging capabilities with primary care opening late 2019.

UC San Diego Health Expands North for Primary Care Options

June 10, 2019

UC San Diego Health has expanded north for primary care options with the opening of our Encinitas clinic, which will offer pediatrics, family medicine and Express Care.

UC San Diego Health Expands Primary Care Options

October 8, 2018

…and an array of convenient services, such as urgent care and advanced imaging, including a pharmacy and optical boutique.

Controlling CAR T Cells with Light Selectively Destroys Skin Tumors in Mice

February 19, 2020

UC San Diego bioengineers developed a control system that could make CAR T-cell therapy safer and more powerful when treating cancer. By programming CAR T cells to switch on when exposed to blue light, the researchers controlled the cells to destroy skin tumors in mice without harming healthy tissue

Biologists Pioneer First Method to Decode Gene Expression

August 12, 2019

Biologists have developed the first system for determining gene expression based on machine learning. Considered a type of Rosetta Stone, the new method leverages algorithms trained on a set of known plant genes. The method carries implications across biology, from drug discovery to plant breeding.

UC San Diego Chemists Use Light to Pinpoint Gene Expression

February 13, 2018

…students activated cellular gene expression with unique precision. By modifying messenger RNA (mRNA)—a group of molecules that carries genetic information from DNA to ribosomes where specifications of gene expression occur—the chemists were able to precisely trigger gene expressions at a specific time and place using laser light. This novel technique…

Ultrasound Remotely Triggers Immune Cells to Attack Tumors in Mice Without Toxic Side Effects

August 12, 2021

A new cancer immunotherapy pairs ultrasound with cancer-killing immune cells to destroy malignant tumors while sparing normal tissue. The approach could make chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy safer and effective at treating solid tumors.

Gratitude Expressions Between Co-Workers Improve Cardiovascular Responses to Stress

June 1, 2022

A study from the University of California’s Rady School of Management finds teammates who thanked each other before performing a high-stress task had a better cardiovascular response, compared to teams who did not express gratitude.

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