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Synthetic Membranes Created to Mimic Properties of Living Cells

July 18, 2016

Biochemists at the University of California San Diego have developed artificial cell membranes that grow and remodel themselves in a manner similar to that of living mammalian cells.

High R&D Isn’t Necessarily Why Drugs Are So Expensive

September 26, 2022

In the first known study of its type, an international team of researchers evaluated whether high research and development costs explain high drug prices in the United States. They found no such association for 60 new drugs approved from 2009 to 2018.

UC San Diego Biophysicists Examine Development of Antibiotic Resistance

December 5, 2013

…San Diego Biophysicists Examine Development of Antibiotic Resistance A team of UC San Diego biophysicists used quantitative models of bacterial growth to discover the bizarre way by which antibiotic resistance allows bacteria to multiply in the presence of antibiotics, a growing health problem in hospitals and nursing homes across the…

Future-proofing Software for Chemical Discovery

October 31, 2022

Computational chemistry affects everyday life more than most people might realize. It is used to develop drugs to treat diseases, generate data for environmental clean-up purposes, design solar energy technology, improve batteries, create enzymes to break down plastics and more.

One-Two Punch: Novel Drug Pairing Could Beat Pancreatic Cancer

June 28, 2023

UC San Diego researchers find a combination of drugs outperformed other treatments in human and mouse models of pancreatic cancer; now urge clinical trial

Cancer Drug and Antidepressants Provide Clues for Treating Fatal Brain-Eating Amoeba Infections

September 13, 2018

…identified three new molecular drug targets in Naegleria fowleri and a number of drugs that are able to inhibit the amoeba’s growth in a laboratory dish. Several of these drugs are already approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for other uses, such as antifungal agents, the breast cancer…

Researchers are on Their Way to Predicting What Side Effects You’ll Experience From a Drug

November 2, 2015

…California, San Diego have developed a model that could be used to predict a drug’s side effects on different patients. The proof of concept study is aimed at determining how different individuals will respond to a drug treatment and could help assess whether a drug is suitable for a particular…

UC San Diego’s Brown Briefs Congress on Brain Development, Substance Use in Young

November 20, 2014

…Briefs Congress on Brain Development, Substance Use in Young Organized by APA, Congressional Briefing Draws Large Crowd Sandra A. Brown, vice chancellor for research at UC San Diego, was a featured speaker at an October Congressional Briefing in Washington, D.C., where she shared important findings on adolescent neurodevelopment with other…

SDSC Researchers Publish Book on Using GPU Accelerators for Nanosciences

May 2, 2016

…editors of a just-published book that explores the latest developments in electronic structure calculations on modern computer hardware and explains how graphics processing units (GPUs) can be efficiently exploited to perform such calculations more rapidly than previously possible.

New Grant Boosts UC San Diego-Led Malaria Research Program

February 17, 2017

…the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to advance their development of improved therapies for malaria eradication and elimination.

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