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Citizen Monitor: Recruiting Voters to Improve Their Own Democracies

January 30, 2014

…to Improve Their Own Democracies Clark Gibson Can a text message get a person to the polls? What about an online social network – can a posting there persuade a voter to report back on what they observe during an election? Maybe they’d even be willing to snap and share…

How Race Shapes Who Wins and Who loses in U.S. Democracy

June 25, 2020

…Who loses in U.S. Democracy Hajnal is author of the new book “Dangerously Divided How Race and Class Shape Winning and Losing in American Politics” which shows how race more than class or any other demographic factor shapes not only how Americans vote but also who wins and who loses…

Healthy Democracy Requires Trust – These 3 Things Could Start to Restore Voters’ Declining Faith

December 15, 2022

The 2022 U.S. midterm elections ran relatively smoothly and faced few consequential accusations of fraud or mismanagement. Yet many Americans don’t trust this essential element of a democracy.

Our Divided States

May 1, 2023

The Yankelovich Center for Social Science Research at UC San Diego supports research-practice partnerships that spur public engagement and civic improvements. Co-directors and political scientists Zoltan Hajnal and Thad Kousser discuss the electoral process and the state of American democracy.

Should There Be Open Borders?

April 18, 2019

…Joseph Carens argued that democracies do, in fact, require welcoming immigrants, and that by applying an ethical or moral view to migrants and refugees, individuals can think about immigration at a deeper level. “In my view, borders should be generally open and people should normally be free to leave their…

Educate to Indoctrinate: Education Systems Were First Designed to Suppress Dissent

April 28, 2022

Public primary schools were created by states to reinforce obedience among the masses and maintain social order, rather than serve as a tool for upward social mobility, suggests a study from UC San Diego political scientist Agustina Paglayan.

Groundwork Books Remains Grounded in Activism and Democracy

November 21, 2023

Groundwork Books Collective is the campus’s only cooperatively managed bookstore and one of three volunteer worker collectives at UC San Diego.

Political Scientists React to Jan. 6 Attack on the Capitol

January 14, 2021

…this mean for American democracy? Where do we go from here? It will be some time before all the details of what happened, how and why are fully understood. It will be even longer before we can appreciate the long-term and potentially profound fallout of the day. In the meantime,…

Conference on Ethics, Transparency and Civility at UC San Diego to be Held Oct. 16

October 9, 2014

…California and in developing democracies around the world, UC San Diego professors are collaborating with students to mobilize voters, give them access to information, and keep governments transparent,” said Thad Kousser, professor of political science and one of the discussion moderators. “By bringing together our researchers with community leaders and…

Voting Boost

December 15, 2022

Election research pioneered by UC San Diego political scientist Zoltan Hajnal is not only having a real-world impact in California, but is starting to take root beyond the state.

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