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David Victor of UC San Diego to Co-Chair Climate Action Commission

September 29, 2021

SAN DIEGO, CA – David G. Victor of the University of California San Diego will bring his years of leadership experience to a new initiative from The American Academy of Arts & Sciences, the Commission on Accelerating Climate Action.

UC Researchers Present 10 Scalable Solutions for Climate Change

October 29, 2015

University of California climate and energy experts announced 10 scalable solutions for moving the world towards carbon neutrality, a practical framework that outlines both immediate and longer-term actions for staving off catastrophic climate change. The solutions were announced during the UC Summit on Carbon and Climate Neutrality that was held…

UC Launches Cool Campus Challenge in Push Toward Carbon Neutrality

October 15, 2015

…#UCool. UC Carbon and Climate Neutrality Summit October 26-27 As part of the push toward carbon neutrality, the University of California is also hosting the Summit on Pathways to Carbon and Climate Neutrality Oct. 26-27 at UC San Diego. The invitation-only event will examine how UC research is transforming the…

10 TED-Style Talks to Teach San Diegans Solutions to Climate Crisis

February 20, 2020

…San Diegans Solutions to Climate Crisis Summit hosted by Muir College to arm community with actionable goals to address a warming world On Feb. 6, Antarctica reached 65 degrees Fahrenheit, the same temperature San Diegans were experiencing. The day marked the warmest temperature ever recorded for the southern continent, which…

‘Ditch the 2° C Warming Goal’

October 2, 2014

As climate instability increases across the planet, limiting global surface air temperature increase above pre-industrial levels to an average of 2° C (3.6° F) has become a popular metric for success in the public eye.

California Cities Top List of New Report Ranking U.S. Climate Action Plans

October 22, 2020

…New Report Ranking U.S. Climate Action Plans Despite achievements, most cities need to cut emissions by 64% to reach their respective goals A new report evaluating the efficacy of climate action plans and commitments of the 100 largest U.S. cities finds the leadership of these municipalities stands as an important…

Religion and Climate Change

December 14, 2015

…at UC San Diego climate and atmospheric scientist V. Ramanathan will discuss his perspective as a council member of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences on the transformational role religious leaders can play to bring awareness to the urgency of climate change to protect people and nature. Ramanathan will discuss his…

2020 Integrity Champions

July 9, 2020

…work towards incorporating experiential actions—where integrity is put to test in real life—goes beyond what is expected from our faculty members. Isabel goes out of her way to create learning opportunities for the students. By empowering students to create ethical guidelines in class and in the research lab, she creates…

UC San Diego Researchers Receive $5.7M for Climate Action Projects

August 24, 2023

Three teams led by researchers at the University of California San Diego received $5.7 million in climate action seed grants from the University of California on Aug. 23, 2023. The grants aim to spur implementation of solutions that directly address state climate priorities.

UC Summit on Carbon and Climate Neutrality Seeks to Bend the Curve on Climate Change

October 23, 2015

…leaders and UC’s top climate and energy experts will gather at UC San Diego for the UC Summit on Carbon and Climate Neutrality Oct. 26-27. The summit will explore UC’s groundbreaking research on climate change and deliver 10 scalable solutions for slowing climate change that can be applied to California,…

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