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UC San Diego Philosophers Work to Fix Discipline’s Gender Disparities

October 23, 2014

…are actively working to change the numbers for the better. Rick Grush is tackling the issue both as the philosophy department’s director of graduate studies and, together with doctoral student Cami Koepke, through the new UC San Diego Summer Program for Women in Philosophy. Applications for EDI Innovation Grants Welcomed…

Power to the Batteries

May 21, 2015

…another plus. The mild climate offers ideal conditions for maximizing battery life and performance in electric vehicles, microgrids and more. The abundant sunshine and extensive photovoltaic installations are critical for electric-car-charging infrastructure powered by the sun. More than Technology The center’s engineers, materials scientists, physicists, chemists and micro-grid experts work…

Atmospheric River Storm Observations over Pacific Ocean to Expand This Winter

January 13, 2022

…managers seeking to understand climate change-caused weather extremes,” said Michael Anderson, state climatologist with the California Department of Water Resources. As California alternates between extremes of drought and flood, accurate forecasts are increasingly vital to water managers. A collaborative program called Forecast-Informed Reservoir Operations (FIRO) uses modern forecasting methods to…

New Faculty Reshape the Meaning of Inclusive Research, Teaching and Service

November 28, 2023

Over the past three years, 20 faculty members have been hired at UC San Diego who are committed to advancing equity, diversity and inclusion using social justice frameworks. This fall, an additional $175,000 grant was received to support faculty retention and success.

Biodegradable ‘Living Plastic’ Houses Bacterial Spores That Help It Break Down

April 30, 2024

A new type of bioplastic could help reduce the plastic industry’s environmental footprint. Researchers have developed a biodegradable form of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) filled with bacterial spores that, when exposed to nutrients present in compost, germinate and break down the material at the end of its life cycle.

Hunting Atmospheric Rivers

December 7, 2017

…an era of rapid climate change, atmospheric rivers can be expected to become less frequent but more intense. They might actually bring more water to California in coming decades, but the delivery could be so intense that it challenges the state’s ability to store water through times of drought and…

Campus Celebrates Roger Revelle’s Birthday

March 19, 2015

…in the study of climate change, a field that UC San Diego researchers continue to lead. Bond also pointed out his impact in public policy. “Let’s not forget the contributions that he made in helping to deal with the problem of world poverty and starvation,” said Bond. From left: Walter…

Trailblazing Astronomer Margaret Burbidge Turns 100 Years Old

October 10, 2019

…department. The rule was changed shortly afterward, and they moved her right away into the Department of Physics.” According to Sarah Burbidge, Margaret Burbidge was also given the rare and high distinction of “University Professor,” an honorable title transferable to faculty positions at other University of California campuses. “I think…

Alumnus Ken Kroner Gives $1M to Align Academic Research with Financial Decision Making

October 31, 2019

…the investment impact of climate change and how to better manage risk in a retirement portfolio.” While PCAM will be housed at UC San Diego, the center will work with academic affiliates at many other campuses across the University of California and other institutions in the western U.S. A PCAM…

Women Rising

November 9, 2017

…fairness.” “The tide is changing and I think this trend is an indication of that,” said Rommie Amaro, a professor of chemistry and biochemistry who chairs the Academic Senate’s Diversity and Equity Committee. “There’s more awareness of subtle bias and more focused support from the top leadership at the university…

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