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An Innovative Way to Educate Students About Circadian Biology

November 30, 2017

…to Educate Students About Circadian Biology Circadian biology had long been overshadowed by other sub-disciplines in the biological sciences. But when Susan Golden was named a Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) professor in 2014, she launched the UC San Diego BioClock Studio to promote and educate students about circadian biology.…

Weak Brain Circadian Rhythms Cause Depression-Like Behavior in Mice

May 2, 2016

When the master pacemaker that normally synchronizes circadian rhythms in the brain is disrupted, that disruption causes helplessness, behavioral despair, and anxiety-like behavior in mice, say scientists at the University of California San Diego.

Biology of Time Change

March 7, 2013

…cycle that sets our circadian rhythms. In fact, much of what biologists at UC San Diego are now learning from plants, animals, bacteria and even fungi about the basic biology of circadian rhythms, or chronobiology, is vital to our daily lives. Half of the U.S. population suffers from some problem…

UC San Diego Welcomes Nobel Prize Winner Michael W. Young to Campus

February 11, 2019

UC San Diego will host its 9th annual Center for Circadian Biology Symposium Feb. 13-15, 2019. The three-day event, entitled “From Cells to Clinic,” will culminate with a talk from the winner of the 2017 Nobel Prize in Medicine Michael W. Young, who will speak about delayed phase sleep disorders.

Intermittent Fasting Improves Alzheimer’s Pathology

August 21, 2023

New results from researchers at UC San Diego School of Medicine suggest that intermittent fasting could be an effective treatment approach for Alzheimer’s disease. Mice fed on a time-restricted schedule had better memory and less accumulation of amyloid proteins in the brain compared to controls.

Waking Up to Why Sleep Health Matters

October 31, 2019

…‘see the light’ on circadian rhythms and sleep health At the start of the day, we all do it. We reflexively reach for our phones. As the day winds down, many of us can’t help but do the same. We lie in bed as the luminous glow of our phones—along…

Dissecting the Circadian Clock in Real Time

March 29, 2023

Researchers have advanced our understanding of the circadian clock, the biological cycle that synchronizes with light-dark exposure. They recently developed a method to study how the circadian clock synchronizes with the environment in real time, revealing surprises about the clock’s mechanisms.

UC San Diego Biology Professor Named Prestigious HHMI Professor

June 30, 2014

A biology professor at UC San Diego who heads a research institute that brings together scientists across the campus studying circadian rhythms, the internal “biological clock” that governs the daily activities in humans and other organisms, has been named by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute an HHMI professor.

Researchers Uncover Importance of Aligning Biological Clock with Day-Night Cycles

April 8, 2020

Scientists studying bacteria have identified the roots of a behavior that is regulated by the circadian clock. The research provides a striking example of the importance of keeping the internal biological clock aligned with the external environment so that processes occur at the right time of day.

Scientists Assemble a Biological Clock in a Test Tube to Study How it Works

October 8, 2021

As reported in Science, researchers from three UC campuses reconstituted the circadian clock of cyanobacteria in a test tube, enabling them to study rhythmic interactions of clock proteins in real time and understand how these interactions enable the clock to exert control over gene expression.

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