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SDSC’s Gordon: A Non-Conventional Supercomputer Fosters Non-Traditional Research Projects

June 5, 2013

When the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) at the University of San Diego, California, debuted Gordon early last year, the system’s architects envisioned that its innovative features – such as the first large-scale deployment of flash storage (300 terabytes) in a high-performance computer – would open the door to new…

Qualcomm Institute Researcher Tests World’s First 4K Android Game Console

June 16, 2014

The 4K video format for digital cinema is now making its way into videogames and other digital media as consumers chase after as many pixels in their homes as possible. But 4K is a new-enough format that, when a maker of game consoles wanted to test its first device to…

Birch Fellows Create Immersive Experience for New R/V Sally Ride Gallery

October 20, 2016

…Birch Aquarium. Combining science, art and technology, the gallery and exhibit will provide a new lens through which visitors of all ages can connect with the global research activities of Scripps Oceanography scientists. They are designed, in part, by two campus members outside of Scripps: cognitive scientist Nan Renner and…

2019: A Space Organoid

July 8, 2019

UC San Diego will launch a payload of stem cell-derived human brain organoids to the International Space Station. Researchers will document how these “mini brains” organize into the beginnings of a functional brain with implications for the future of human life in space.

Mexico Moving Forward Symposium to Look at NAFTA ‘20 Years and Beyond’

February 27, 2014

…top business leaders, policymakers, artists and scholars to speak Photos by Erik Jepsen/UC San Diego Publications A recent one-day summit in Toluca, Mexico between President Barack Obama, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper helped mark the 20th anniversary of the North American Free Trade Agreement…

UC San Diego Professor Takes Novel Approach to Teaching History

November 10, 2016

From the U.S. to China to Germany and beyond, Distinguished Professor of Chinese History Paul Pickowicz takes a novel approach to teaching history—he transforms students into experienced filmmakers. For more than two decades, Pickowicz has enlivened history with the use of film. As part of his Humboldt Foundation Award, Pickowicz…

Faster Slo-Mo?

March 24, 2023

Whether in sports moments, nature documentaries or animal behavior studies, a new technique developed by UC San Diego computer scientists could have far-reaching impact. In an effort to smooth out slow-mo, they have broken new ground in a technique for video processing.

Rocking Out with Student Bands

April 30, 2024

Community thrives in UC San Diego’s student music scene.

UC San Diego Becomes Nation’s Youngest University to Reach $3 Billion in Fundraising Campaign

June 9, 2022

…innovation, health care, the arts and education. The university announced a new landmark milestone today: it has surpassed its original $2 billion fundraising goal for the Campaign for UC San Diego by $1 billion, raising a total of $3 billion. The Campaign for UC San Diego will conclude June 30,…

Film Project Highlights Entrepreneurism at UC San Diego and on Torrey Pines Mesa

January 8, 2015

…made possible by the cinematographic and editing contributions of two UC San Diego alumni, Thomas Dadourian (’12, Theater) and Victor Shiu (’12 Visual Arts Media, Psychology), co-founders of the digital marketing agency The Label Creative Inc., a San Diego based company. This general public film is listed with International Movie…

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