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The Unequal Spread of COVID-19

November 12, 2020

…such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression and anxiety, chronic pain or asthma.” Educating a new generation of equity-minded physicians This fall, a new Health Equity Thread was launched as part of the curriculum at the UC San Diego School of Medicine under the direction of Dr. Weena…

Positive Peer Pressure More Effective Than Cash Incentives, Study Finds

June 11, 2013

Appealing to people’s desire for a good reputation is more effective than cold, hard cash, researchers at Harvard, Yale, the Federal Trade Commission and the University of California, San Diego, found in a study published June 18 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Pioneering Bioengineer Shu Chien Teaches Lessons That Extend Far Beyond Research Lab

October 17, 2019

…our understanding of how blood flows in the cardiovascular system, and are just one aspect of his work that led to the founding of the field of mechanobiology. He won the National Medal of Science for related research, and he has been voted into all three National Academies (Science, Medicine…

When Drugs are Wrong, Skipped or Make You Sick: The Cost of Non-optimized Medications

April 2, 2018

Rising drug prices have gotten a lot of attention lately, but the actual cost of prescription medications is more than just the bill. Researchers at Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at University of California San Diego estimate that illness and death resulting from non-optimized medication therapy costs $528.4…

7 AI-Powered Technologies You Should Know About

August 22, 2023

Move over, ChatGPT: These artificial intelligence-powered technologies and innovations being developed and implemented at UC San Diego could lead to the next developments in the “AI revolution.”

$5 Million ResMed Gift Supports Sleep Medicine at UC San Diego

October 29, 2015

…home sleep testing and monitoring. Sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea, plague at least an estimated 30 million people in the United States. While most cases go undiagnosed, the effects of sleep disorders go far beyond a restless night of sleep. Studies link sleep apnea to serious conditions, including Type…

UC San Diego Receives $7.35 Million in Federal Community Project Funding

March 17, 2022

…DDT ocean dumpsite characterization, monitoring, and research - $5.6 million Requested by Senators Feinstein and Padilla Researchers use Remotely Operated Vehicle SuBastian to collect sediment push cores and record video footage, data that will be used to add to the assessment on how this stretch of deep sea is responding…

Four UC San Diego Faculty Receive NIH New Innovator Awards

October 6, 2015

Four professors at UC San Diego will receive New Innovator Awards from the National Institutes of Health of approximately $2.2 million over the next five years to support their “unusually innovative research,” the NIH announced today.

Researchers Studying Century-Old Drug in Potential New Approach to Autism

May 26, 2017

In a small, randomized Phase I/II clinical trial (SAT1), researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine say a 100-year-old drug called suramin, originally developed to treat African sleeping sickness, was safely administered to children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), who subsequently displayed measurable, but transient, improvement in…

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