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Deep-Sea Biodiversity Impacted by Climate Change’s Triple Threat

April 27, 2016

A new study found that vulnerability of deep-sea biodiversity to climate change’s triple threat – rising water temperatures, and decreased oxygen, and pH levels – is not uniform across the world’s oceans.

Barcodes for Bugs: Biology Students Build Databases of Biodiversity

November 20, 2014

…of the San Diego Biodiversity Project. Photos by Heather Henter Barcodes for Bugs: Biology Students Build Databases of Biodiversity If, when strolling through the coastal sage atop the Scripps Coastal Reserve just west of campus, you come across students peering closely into the foliage, consider yourself fortunate to witness some…

Scientists to Study Biodiversity and Pharmaceutical Potential on Seafloor off California

October 20, 2020

Scientists set out Oct. 27 to explore the biodiversity of deep sea habitats that are rich in minerals like phosphorus and manganese. The public will be able to see what the scientists see in real time when the researchers guide a remotely operated vehicle as it explores the ocean floor.

Scripps Oceanography’s Center for Marine Biodiversity and Conservation Toasts 10 Years

January 19, 2012

Scripps’ Center for Marine Biodiversity and Conservation (CMBC) celebrates its 10-year anniversary and looks forward to the decades ahead with two special events (both events are free but reservations are required).

Birch Aquarium Announces Two Weekends of Earth Day Celebrations

April 19, 2023

This Earth Day, Birch Aquarium is throwing a Party for the Planet, offering guests a fun opportunity to celebrate our ocean’s biodiversity and learn how they can take action to make a difference.

Flatworms Flout Global Biodiversity Patterns

July 31, 2015

…discovered an exception to an otherwise globally observed pattern—usually biodiversity is greatest in the tropics and decreases toward the poles. The research team collected snails and parasites from 43 field sites spread across five countries and found that parasite prevalence, diversity, and competition rates all increased at higher latitudes, reversing…

UC San Diego Celebrates Opening of Ted and Jean Scripps Marine Conservation and Technology Facility

June 6, 2023

The newly opened Ted and Jean Scripps Marine Conservation and Technology Facility at Scripps Institution of Oceanography is dedicated to marine biodiversity and conservation research, discovery and education.

‘Barcoding’ Life

January 30, 2014

…how to bridge the ‘biodiversity knowledge gap.’ Workshop participants spent Saturday morning collecting insects at the Scripps Coastal Reserve. Photos by Kim McDonald, UC San Diego San Diego is one of the world’s “hotspots” for biodiversity, home to a diverse collection of creatures found nowhere else in the world. But…

Foreign Bees Monopolize Prize Resources in Biodiversity Hotspot

February 20, 2019

New research reveals that foreign honey bees often account for more than 90 percent of pollinators observed visiting flowers in San Diego, a global biodiversity hotspot. The monopoly may strongly affect species that are foundational to the stability of the region’s plant-pollinator interactions.

Scripps Family Members Gift $6 Million for Naming of New Facility

October 7, 2021

…Facility to Support Marine Biodiversity Research and Education The Ted and Jean Scripps Marine Conservation and Technology Facility to open at Scripps Institution of Oceanography in Spring 2022 The University of California San Diego today announced the gift of $6 million from members of the Scripps family to support the…

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