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Researchers Film Bacteria Using “Hand-to-Hand” Combat to Steal Antibiotic

February 22, 2018

…in a clinically relevant bacterium. Researchers Film Bacteria Using “Hand-to-Hand” Combat to Steal Antibiotic Resistance Genes Researchers at the University of California San Diego Center for Microbiome Innovation have identified the mechanism by which a clinically relevant bacterium may gain antibiotic resistance, and have come up with a model for…

Innovative Approach to Treating Intestinal Roundworms Holds Hope for Millions of Infected Children

November 8, 2012

…to develop strains of bacteria that possess a crystalline protein toxic to intestinal roundworms that can be easily eaten in yogurt and soybean dishes could offer hope. His team of biologists and his collaborators were awarded this month with a two-year $1 million grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates…

Vegetable Oil Ingredient Key to Destroying Gastric Disease Bacteria

November 25, 2014

The bacterium Helicobacter pylori is strongly associated with gastric ulcers and cancer. To combat the infection, researchers at University of California, San Diego School of Medicine and Jacobs School of Engineering developed LipoLLA, a therapeutic nanoparticle that contains linolenic acid, a component in vegetable oils.

Researchers Engineer Bacteria That Can Detect Tumor DNA

August 10, 2023

Creating new technologically advanced sensors, scientists from UC San Diego and Australia have engineered bacteria that detect the presence of tumor DNA in live organisms. Their innovation could pave the way to new biosensors capable of identifying various infections, cancers and other diseases.

UC San Diego Biophysicists Examine Development of Antibiotic Resistance

December 5, 2013

…used quantitative models of bacterial growth to discover the bizarre way by which antibiotic resistance allows bacteria to multiply in the presence of antibiotics, a growing health problem in hospitals and nursing homes across the United States. Two months ago, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a sobering…

Do Bacteria Age? Biologists Discover the Answer Follows Simple Economics

October 27, 2011

When a bacterial cell divides into two daughter cells and those two cells divide into four more daughters, then 8, then 16 and so on, the result, biologists have long assumed, is an eternally youthful population of bacteria. Bacteria, in other words, don’t age—at least not in the same way…

Programming probiotics for early detection of liver cancer

June 1, 2015

Scientists at the University of California, San Diego and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have described a new method for detecting liver cancer metastases in mice. The approach uses over-the-counter probiotics genetically programmed to produce signals easily detectable in urine when liver cancer metastases are present. The results of…

Biologists Discover How Viruses Hijack Cell’s Machinery

January 12, 2017

…how very large viruses reprogram the cellular machinery of bacteria during infection to more closely resemble an animal or human cell—a process that allows these alien invaders to trick cells into producing hundreds of new viruses, which eventually explode from and kill the cells they infect.

Biologists Develop Method for Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing

January 22, 2016

…Diego has developed a new method to determine if bacteria are susceptible to antibiotics within a few hours, an advance that could slow the appearance of drug resistance and allow doctors to more rapidly identify the appropriate treatment for patients with life threatening bacterial infections.

Glowing, Blinking Bacteria Reveal How Cells Synchronize Biological Clocks

September 1, 2011

…known that organisms from bacteria to humans use the 24 hour cycle of light and darkness to set their biological clocks. But exactly how these clocks are synchronized at the molecular level to perform the interactions within a population of cells that depend on the precise timing of circadian rhythms…

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