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Eliminating Food Waste for Good

April 4, 2019

…of a University of California system-wide initiative, UC San Diego is committed to going zero waste by 2020. That means that at least 90 percent of campus waste will be diverted from landfills or incineration. The campus is already well on its way toward that goal with innovative programs to…

High Alert

October 24, 2023

Firefighters and emergency managers use a network of over 1050 cameras to monitor the highest fire threat regions in California. ALERTCalifornia, now enhanced by artificial intelligence, aids in the early detection of wildfires.

Q&A: ‘CA Notify’ Exposure Notification System Piloted at UC San Diego Launches Statewide

December 17, 2020

…six other University of California campuses—the program has expanded statewide in partnership with UC San Diego Health. This means that nearly 26 million people can now activate exposure alerts and respond with self-quarantine and testing with the goal of reducing the amount of SARS-CoV-2 virus spread. Q. How does the…

Enhancing Safety on Campus through New Tools and Simple Tips

October 8, 2015

…leak – the Triton Alert emergency notification system is activated, sending out timely information to recipients via email and phone. Currently, the system is “opt-in,” meaning notifications are sent only to individuals who have registered to receive them. But, by the end of October, UC San Diego will transition to…

Creating an Early Alert System for COVID-19

April 2, 2020

Creating an Early Alert System for COVID-19 Researchers combine power of wearable device and big data analytics to track spread and early signs of infection—including among healthcare workers To better understand early signs of coronavirus and the virus’ spread, physicians around the country and data scientists at UC San Diego…

County of San Diego Partners with UC San Diego to Upgrade Fire Detection Network

January 23, 2018

…at the University of California San Diego that will improve the County’s fire detection and response capabilities. The County unanimously approved $437,174 to make critical upgrades to the High-Performance Wireless Research and Education Network (HPWREN) and Alert Wildfire network, operated by Scripps Institution of Oceanography and the San Diego Supercomputer…

Wildfire Watch

November 16, 2017

…CalFire, the State of California has experienced nearly 6,500 fires since the start of the year. This marks a 40 percent increase over the same period in 2016. With a longer fire season becoming the new norm, wildfires are a growing hazard facing the entire state. Over the last decade,…

Cables Spanning Pacific Ocean Seafloor to Give Ocean Science a New Edge

February 27, 2012

Marine scientists and a commercial telecommunications company are exploring partnerships that could dramatically advance scientists’ ability to observe and study ocean processes, provide early alerts for potential disasters and study deep Earth geodynamics.

UC San Diego Health Supports Statewide Rollout of CA Notify Exposure Notification System

December 7, 2020

The California governor’s office today announced a statewide expansion to make CA Notify available to all Californians starting Thursday, December 10 in partnership with UC San Diego Health.

UC San Diego Bolsters Aggressive Return to Learn Plan to Prevent Outbreaks on Campus

December 3, 2020

…buildings covered by the alert, likely contributing to three of the nine different areas which detected traces of the novel coronavirus. Martin added, “We have already had several successes in alerting buildings to a possible infected resident from the wastewater, and subsequently identifying a shedding individual among those buildings. This…

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