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Storied Research Platform is Retired

August 15, 2023

The Floating Instrument Platform (FLIP) was one of the most innovative oceanographic research tools ever invented, but on Aug. 3, FLIP’s distinguished career finished its final chapter when it was towed to a dismantling and recycling facility, the costs to renovate it deemed too expensive.

Scripps Oceanography Reaches $150 Million Research Milestone

July 18, 2012

This year, for the first time, external funding for sponsored research by scientists at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego exceeds $150 million (excluding ARRA* funding). Such funding arises from innovations and ideas of Scripps scientists and researchers who perform initial exploration of the concepts and compete in…

UC San Diego y México: Better Together

April 25, 2019

…day, more than 70,000 vehicles and 20,000 pedestrians cross the San Ysidro border between Mexico and the United States for work, travel and education. Earlier this month, UC San Diego leadership and faculty traveled to Mexico City for two days of events that highlighted the special relationship the university enjoys…

Pushing the Boundaries of Border Research

February 20, 2020

…prosperity: the movement of vehicles, goods and workers through these communities can impact the commerce of an entire city, state or nation. And these border communities are busy. In 2018, more than 192 million people crossed the U.S.-Mexico border at one of the 17 ports of entry, according to the…

Lim(b)itless in India: UC San Diego Students Travel Abroad to Empower Amputees

February 6, 2020

…residual limb, send an autonomously-generated 3D model to a prosthetist, and have a custom-built prosthetic delivered right to them. The project has the potential to help organizations like Jaipur Foot reach many more amputees, especially those without the means to travel. In new territory Days earlier, the students touched down…

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