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Team Develops New “Attacker” Device to Improve Autonomous Car Safety

May 23, 2023

Researchers from the UC San Diego Qualcomm Institute and Jacobs School of Engineering have devised a novel algorithm to identify areas for improvement in autonomous vehicle security.

Online Magazine for Teens Features UC San Diego Professor and Smart Vehicles

August 25, 2015

IEEE Spark inspires teens with story of ‘smart vehicles’ and highlights the pioneering contributions of UC San Diego expert in intelligent transportation and telematics, Mohan Trivedi, director of the Laboratory for Intelligent and Safe Automobiles (LISA).

UC San Diego Takes the Driver’s Seat for Intelligent Vehicles

November 2, 2017

…Driver’s Seat for Intelligent Vehicles Maps combining real-time data from pedestrians, vehicles and internet-enabled infrastructure; self-driving mail delivery vehicles; and powerful radar technologies. These were some of the research efforts discussed at the Contextual Robotics Forum, which brought the leading intelligent vehicle companies and researchers together on campus Oct. 27…

Undergraduate Engineers Get Hands-on Experience with Autonomous Vehicles

October 11, 2018

…test and train their autonomous vehicles on a course they made around the Engineering Building II courtyard. Undergraduate Engineers Get Hands-on Experience with Autonomous Vehicles It’s one thing to learn about computer vision, machine learning, control systems, neural networks and tools like Python and TensorFlow in lectures, books or videos.…

Self-driving carts to make their debut on UC San Diego roads in January

October 30, 2017

…test bed for self-driving vehicles starting in January 2018. The project will be implemented in stages. The first will be to put self-driving mail delivery carts on the road. The carts will run on algorithms developed by UC San Diego researchers who are part of the Contextual Robotics Institute. Back-up…

Self-Driving Mail Delivery Begins on Campus

November 14, 2019

…imagining things. Two self-driving vehicles have been delivering mail to the two colleges since September. The project is a collaboration between the Contextual Robotics Institute and Integrated Procure-to-Pay Solutions here at the University of California San Diego. It’s all part of a broader effort to use the campus as a…

Safe, Autonomous Driving Tech Takes the Wheel at Research Expo 2023

May 1, 2023

Ross Greer, an electrical and computer engineering graduate student at UC San Diego, won the grand prize at Research Expo 2023 for his work on a technology that could enable vehicles to drive more autonomously and decide when the driver is prepared to take back control of the wheel.

Cars, Start Your Engines!

October 21, 2021

…compete at the first autonomous car race at famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway The AI Racing Tech team, representing the University of Hawai’i and UC San Diego, stand behind the autonomous race car they developed, at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. UC San Diego students Siddharth Saha and Haoru Xue are fifth…

Firefighting Robot Paints 3D Thermal Imaging Picture for Rescuers

June 5, 2013

Engineers in the Coordinated Robotics Lab at the University of California, San Diego, have developed new image processing techniques for rapid exploration and characterization of structural fires by small Segway-like robotic vehicles.

Engineering Students to Compete in International Maritime Robot Competition

February 17, 2022

…allow it to function autonomously. Photos and video by Daniel Sosa-Cobo. For the past three months, a team of engineering students at UC San Diego has been adding cameras, LiDAR systems, a hydrophone, and even a drone to a 16-foot seagoing vessel. Their goal? To compete in the Maritime RobotX…

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