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Thanks to “Flexoskeletons,”These Insect-Inspired Robots are Faster and Cheaper to Make

April 9, 2020

…of mass produced simple autonomous robots that are small by today’s standards.” He and coauthor Anita Flynn titled the paper “Fast, cheap and out of control: a robot invasion of the solar system.” The paper was seminal for Gravish, who hopes this study is one step further in that direction—but…

Tackling Changes and Challenges With Robotics

November 3, 2016

…of UAVs and other autonomous robots. “Human-robot interactions should resemble the relationship between an orchestra conductor and musicians,” Christensen said. “Individual players need to be smart enough to take cues from the conductor and play on their own.” During Friday’s forum, Jorge Cortes, a professor of mechanical engineering at the…

New Upgrades to Old Wireless Tech Could Enable Real-Time 3D Motion Capture

September 21, 2021

…to sports analytics and autonomous robots for healthcare. The researchers say they are looking to collaborate with industrial partners to further develop and commercialize the technology. Paper: “ULoc: Low-Power, Scalable and cm-Accurate UWB-Tag Localization and Tracking for Indoor Applications.” Co-authors include Minghui Zhao, Tyler Chang, Aditya Arun, Roshan Ayyalasomayajula, and…

Engineering Undergraduates Use DNA Origami to Target Cancer

February 16, 2017

…building blocks to create autonomous robots, molecular computers, and prototypes for nanoscale therapeutics. The UC San Diego team’s goals are just as big, if not bigger. Alejandro Alva, a fourth year nanoengineering major, joined the team because of complications with his scoliosis surgery. “During the summer between my sophomore and…

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