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Comet Supercomputer Pilots Extreme Ensemble for Predicting Atmospheric River Events

October 12, 2022

Comet Supercomputer Pilots Extreme Ensemble for Predicting Atmospheric River Events

Hunting Atmospheric Rivers

December 7, 2017

Hunting Atmospheric Rivers UC San Diego scientists preparing to capture data from critical source of California’s water supply An Air Force C-130 “Hurricane Hunter” aircraft at San Diego’s Brown Field. Photos by Erik Jepsen/UC San Diego Publications As the traditional peak of a new water year approaches, researchers at Scripps…

More Evidence that California Weather Is Trending Toward Extremes

August 11, 2022

…weather events such as atmospheric rivers capable of bringing torrential rains and Santa Ana winds that can spread devastating wildfires. “This study suggests that weather patterns are changing in a way that enhances hot, dry Santa Ana winds, while reducing precipitation frequency in the Southwest,” said Guirguis. “These changes in…

New Study Identifies Atmospheric Rivers as Contributor to Increased Snow Mass in West Antarctica

March 2, 2021

…risks of climate change. Atmospheric rivers are phenomena that transport large amounts of water vapor in long, narrow “rivers” in the sky. They are known to be the main driver of precipitation along the West Coast of the United States, accounting for 25-50 percent of annual precipitation in key parts…

California’s Climate Future Suggests More Volatility and a Key Role for Atmospheric Rivers

September 12, 2017

…winter storms known as “atmospheric rivers” become increasingly intense, and dry periods between storms grow longer. This makes for more variability in water resources from year to year, with both droughts and floods becoming more likely as seen recently when historic drought was followed by a record wet year. The…

Reconnaissance Flights Into Atmospheric Rivers Aim To Improve West Coast Storm Predictions

March 3, 2016

…using two aircraft in atmospheric rivers over the northeast Pacific Ocean. The method was used for the first time in February in National Weather Service-directed flights over the Pacific Ocean. Atmospheric rivers are corridors of moist air and strong winds that can deliver large portions of California’s annual precipitation in…

Governor Signs Legislation to Improve Understanding of Atmospheric Rivers

October 12, 2015

…gaining more knowledge of atmospheric rivers (ARs) that supply 30 to 50 percent of California’s precipitation and water supply (typically in six to eight events per winter), and are largely responsible for the high year-to-year variability of California precipitation. This variability is double or triple the variability in the rest…

Atmospheric Rivers, Cloud-Creating Aerosol Particles, and California Reservoirs

January 16, 2015

…do so by studying atmospheric rivers, meteorological events that include the famous rainmaker known as the Pineapple Express. CalWater 2015 is an interagency, interdisciplinary field campaign starting January 14, 2015. CalWater 2015 will entail four research aircraft flying through major storms while a ship outfitted with additional instruments cruises below.…

Atmospheric Rivers to Become Even More Dominant Source of California Water Resources and Flooding

July 9, 2019

…the sky known as atmospheric rivers (ARs). California already has the most volatile water resources in the country. Scripps scientists discovered that the state’s precipitation, as it becomes less frequent but preferentially stronger, will vacillate even more wildly between extremes of drought and flooding as a consequence of climate change.…

What Kind of La Niña Year Is This?

February 9, 2017

…Niña Year Is This? Atmospheric rivers steal thunder from phenomenon that usually brings dry weather to the Southwest Scientists had been anticipating since last summer that La Niña, the phenomenon often associated with dry and somewhat cool weather on the West Coast, would develop this winter and extend a five-year…

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