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Learning From Our Elders With a Twist (and Shout)

March 22, 2018

…walking neighborhood assessments and oral history projects. And the list goes on. Now in its in third year, the changemaking Life Course Scholars program is a two-quarter sequence of classes that seeks to transform students’ “understanding of aging, health, learning and research, as well as connect them more deeply to…

Bioengineering Pioneer Y.C. Bert Fung Turns 100

October 3, 2019

…said in an extensive oral history he recorded for IEEE in 2000. “It’s the new product in between, which is neither of the mother fields. The interesting part is the new in-between part.” Fung as a teacher Fung always made time for all his students. Erin McGurk was a master’s…

Douglas Inman, Founder of Coastal Oceanography, Dies at 95

February 18, 2016

…Click here to read the transcript of Doug Inman’s oral history of his career recorded in 2006.

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