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Neurobiology Professor Gentry Patrick Named to Endowed Chair

August 8, 2023

Gentry Patrick, a professor of neurobiology and director of the Center for Empathy and Social Justice in Human Health at UC San Diego, has been named as the inaugural holder of the Kavli and Dr. William and Marisa Rastetter Chancellor’s Endowed Chair in Neurobiology.

NIH Funds New Program to Broaden Diversity in Neurobiology

April 8, 2021

…in UC San Diego neurobiology students. NIH Funds New Program to Broaden Diversity in Neurobiology STARTneuro designed to support and mentor transfer students from underrepresented backgrounds For some students, stepping onto the sprawling UC San Diego campus for the first time can be daunting. For transfer students, the challenges can…

Three UC San Diego Faculty Members Receive 2022 Sloan Research Fellowship

February 15, 2022

Three researchers at the University of California San Diego are part of the 2022 class of 118 Sloan Research Fellows, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation announced Feb. 15, 2022. They are Matthew Lovett-Barron, Frederick R. W. M. Manners and Deian Stefan.

Faculty Awards and Honors November 2011

November 1, 2011

…More Info: 2012 Award Recipients(PDF) Nicholas Spitzer Professor of Neurobiology Award - Faculty Research Award Joel Watson Professor of Economics Award - Fellow of the Econometric Society

Learning Impacts How the Brain Processes What We See

July 13, 2015

…by Takaki Komiyama, PhD, assistant professor of neurosciences and neurobiology, reports that in mouse models, the brain significantly changed its visual cortex operation modes by implementing top-down processes during learning.

New Study of Brain Circuits Finds Key Links to Symptoms of Depression

July 17, 2017

Scientists have linked specific wiring in the brain to distinct behavioral symptoms of depression. In a study published in Cell, researchers at UC San Diego found brain circuits tied to feelings of despair and helplessness and were able to alleviate and even reverse such symptoms in mice studies.

No Barriers Too Big

November 12, 2020

…from Ghana orphanage learn neurobiology from UC San Diego Extension and Boz Institute instructors Two evenings a week, a group of high school students in the West African nation of Ghana travel by taxi from the orphanage where they live to historic Cape Coast Castle, once a fort used to…

Motion-Sensing Cells in the Eye Let the Brain ‘Know’ About Directional Changes

March 3, 2014

In a detailed study of the neurons linking the eyes and brains of mice, biologists at UC San Diego discovered that the ability of our brains and those of other mammals to figure out and process in our brains directional movements is a result of the activation in the cortex…

Yishi Jin Named to Junior Seau Endowed Faculty Chair in Traumatic Brain Injury

March 8, 2018

…Yishi Jin, Professor and Chair of the Section of Neurobiology in the Division of Biological Sciences. Jin’s research focuses on molecular genetic mechanisms underlying the development of the nervous system, and regeneration of wounded nervous systems, with the goal of better understanding human neurological disorders and brain injury.

Innovative Researchers earn NIH New Innovator Awards

October 3, 2023

Two early career researchers at UC San Diego have been named recipients of the 2023 National Institutes of Health Director’s New Innovator Award.

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