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Nanosponge Vaccine Fights MRSA Toxins

December 2, 2013

Nanosponges that soak up a dangerous pore-forming toxin produced by MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) could serve as a safe and effective vaccine against this toxin. This “nanosponge vaccine” enabled the immune systems of mice to block the adverse effects of the alpha-haemolysin toxin from MRSA—both within the bloodstream and on…

New Electron Beam Writer Enables Next-Gen Biomedical and Information Technologies

August 12, 2013

The new electron beam writer housed in the Nano3 cleanroom facility at the Qualcomm Institute is important for electrical engineering professor Shadi Dayeh’s two major areas of research.

UC San Diego Undergraduates Organize First TEDxUCSD

May 2, 2013

…Center of Excellence in Nanomedicine, UC San Diego Roger Bingham, faculty member at the Center for Brain and Cognition, UC San Diego Todd Coleman, director of the Neural Interaction Laboratory, UC San Diego Kathryn Furby, Ph.D. student at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego Pablos Holman, futurist and inventor…

Nanoparticles Made From Plant Viruses Could Be Farmers’ New Ally in Pest Control

September 21, 2023

UC San Diego engineers have devised a new solution to control a major agricultural menace, root-damaging nematodes. Using plant viruses, they created nanoparticles that can deliver pesticides to previously unreachable soil depths. This could potentially minimize environmental toxicity and costs.

UC San Diego Team Wins National Entrepreneurship Challenge in Nanotechnology for Second Year

June 8, 2023

With mentorship from UC San Diego’s Qualcomm Institute and Jacobs School of Engineering, postdoctoral fellow Ivonne Gonzalez-Gamboa has won the national Nanotechnology Entrepreneurship Challenge, making this the second consecutive year that a UC San Diego entry secured first place.

Nanotechnology Training Program Creates Career Paths for Veterans

March 28, 2023

The UC San Diego Qualcomm Institute’s Nano3 facility recently received funding from the National Science Foundation to establish a nanotechnology workforce training program for veterans.

Five Cutting-edge Advances in Biomedical Engineering and Their Applications in Medicine

February 21, 2024

Innovations in the form of multi-scale sensors and devices, creation of humanoid avatars and the development of exceptionally realistic predictive models driven by AI can radically change our lifestyles and response to pathologies.

Hacking for Defense: UC San Diego Students Tackle Military Challenges as Part of New Program

November 17, 2016

…how her interest in nanomedicine might overlap with the needs of the defense community. Applications and solutions designed in Hacking for Defense classes could be viable in the private sector as well. “One of the things we learned when coming up with the course is that 90% of the time,…

Five UC San Diego Bioengineers Named 2012 Siebel Scholars

September 19, 2011

Five bioengineering Ph.D. students from the University of California, San Diego whose research is aimed at improving human health are among the 2012 recipients of the annual Siebel Scholars awards.

Living Life on the Nanoscale

January 16, 2020

…in nanoscience, nanoengineering and nanomedicine—continually engages undergraduate students in ongoing research projects. Three undergraduates, in particular, have helped SDNI schedule and lead outreach sessions with their younger counterparts. Theriault says that the experience has been important for developing their sense of responsibility and strengthening their communication and teaching skills. “As…

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