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Mining Microbiomes

October 29, 2015

…by Ryan Parks Mining Microbiomes Chancellor announces new campus-wide Microbiome and Microbial Sciences Initiative You are only 10 percent human. Ninety percent of the cells that make up our bodies are actually bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microbes. And researchers are now finding that these unique microbial communities — called…

Mapping Earth’s Microbiome

November 2, 2017

Mapping Earth’s Microbiome Global team of more than 500 scientists catalogues microbial diversity of Earth at unprecedented scale Hiking through the rain forest of Puerto Rico to sample soils with students. Photo by Krista McGuire More than 27,500 samples collected across seven continents and 43 countries. More than 307,500 unique…

American Gut Project Crowdfunds $1 Million to Study the Human Microbiome

October 29, 2015

…to Study the Human Microbiome Researchers at the American Gut Project, the world’s largest crowdsourced, crowdfunded science project, are celebrating a big milestone this week—in the past two years, they have raised more than $1 million from over 6,500 “citizen scientists” who have agreed to have their microbiomes sequenced. Left…

Launching a Microbiome Movement

May 19, 2016

Launching a Microbiome Movement Photos by Erik Jepsen/UC San Diego Publications Last week, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) announced a new National Microbiome Initiative, a coordinated effort to better understand microbiomes—communities of microorganisms that live on and in people, plants, soil, oceans and the atmosphere—and…

Renowned UC San Diego Microbiome Pioneer Rob Knight Elected to the National Academy of Engineering

February 7, 2024

Rob Knight, a University of California San Diego professor and international leader in the study of the roles microbes play in human health and disease and the functioning of ecosystems, has been elected to the National Academy of Engineering.

Thousands of Genes Exchanged within Microbial Communities Living on Cheese

July 25, 2017

…varieties have transferred thousands of genes between each other. Microbiome communities are known to play a key function in many areas, including human health, protecting us from some diseases and amplifying others.

American Gut Project Expands to Asia

June 2, 2016

…citizen science project, is to sequence as many human microbiomes — the unique collection of bacteria and other microbes that live in and on us — as possible.

What’s in Your Gut?

May 17, 2018

…world’s largest citizen science microbiome project reveals how factors such as diet, antibiotics and mental health status can influence the microbial and molecular makeup of your gut Rob Knight, UC San Diego professor of pediatrics and computer science and engineering, and postdoctoral researcher Daniel McDonald discuss data from The American…

Vaginal Microbes Can Be Partially Restored to C-Section Babies

February 1, 2016

…her C-section-delivered newborn can alter the baby’s microbial makeup (microbiome) in a way that more closely resembles the microbiome of a vaginally delivered baby.

Dog Poop Microbiome Predicts Canine Inflammatory Bowel Disease

October 3, 2016

…had IBD. However, they also determined that the gut microbiomes of dogs and humans are not similar enough to use dogs as animal models for humans with this disease. The study is published October 3 in Nature Microbiology.

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