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Naming and Shaming Can be Effective to Get Countries to Act on Climate

September 25, 2023

Enforcement is one of the biggest challenges to international cooperation on mitigating climate change in the Paris Agreement. The agreement has no formal enforcement mechanism; instead, it designed to be transparent so that countries that fail to meet their obligations will be named and shamed.

Pregnant, Breastfeeding or Trying? Here’s What COVID-19 Means for You

November 18, 2021

…partner Glenn, an aviation technician for the U.S. Navy, were excited to expand their family this fall, but weren’t sure if she should be vaccinated right away. They were gravely aware of the potential consequences of COVID-19 after having several friends die from the disease. But as a stay-at-home mother…

Four Alumni Capture Coveted Tony Nods

May 14, 2024

Four of UC San Diego’s Department of Theatre and Dance alumni are among the talented directors, actors and scenic designers to be nominated for a 2024 Tony Award. And one of their works—a new musical by singer Alicia Keys called “Hell’s Kitchen”—crowns the list as the musical with the most…

Celebrating 25 years as the Jacobs School of Engineering

September 19, 2023

The Jacobs School of Engineering is celebrating 25 years of being, well, the Jacobs School of Engineering. In 1998, a generous gift from Irwin and Joan Jacobs put the relatively new school of engineering on a trajectory to become the powerhouse of engineering and computer science that it is today.

UC San Diego Welcomes Campus, Local Community to Triton Day Experience

March 13, 2012

…of their cutting-edge research, technology and world-changing projects. Lyman Avenue and Rupertus Way. Car Show and Sustainability Showcase––See the latest in both industrial and consumer vehicles: UC San Diego’s fleet of sustainable vehicles, new technology and research for consumer vehicles on and off the road. UC San Diego Faculty Club…

Convocation Keynote Encourages Students to Recognize Power They Have to Influence Others

October 2, 2014

…of political science and medical genetics at UC San Diego, told thousands of new freshmen and transfer students gathered at Welcome Convocation Tuesday that they should have a slightly different mantra: “Be the change you wish to see in your network.” As part of his faculty keynote address on RIMAC…

A Former Food Desert Now Feeds a Community’s Spirit

October 23, 2014

…by bringing science and technology to the people—especially plant and soil testing technologies, mapping, visualization, site assessment and scenario planning tools. “But this isn’t just about UC San Diego,” Pezzoli emphasizes. “It is about the larger partnership taking place to build a network that will diminish food disparities by helping…

It Takes a Network

May 30, 2019

…K-20 education in science, technology, engineering and math CREATE was established in the Division of Social Sciences in 1997. This was two years after the UC Regents had decided to stop using race and ethnicity as factors in admissions and about a year after the passage of Prop 209, which…

Supporting Student Veterans at UC San Diego

November 12, 2020

…as an aviation ordinance technician—maintaining the weapons systems on the F18 aircraft, including bomb racks and missile launchers—Sei is now an aerospace engineering student at UC San Diego, planning to graduate with his bachelor’s degree in 2021. He received the Gregory A. Chauncey and Naomi C. Broering Endowed Engineering Scholarship…

Music Department Scores First Two Endowed Chairs for Distinguished Faculty

June 4, 2015

…of culture, education and medicine,” said Steiger. “With the music center and concert hall that he named, he has already given us an extraordinary home that inspires us daily and allows us to share our work with the public in the most ideal of conditions. This chair will similarly inspire…

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