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SDSC Supercomputer Simulations Aid in Solving Boron Carbide Mystery

December 17, 2019

Building upon decades of research on how to make boron carbide even more efficient, an engineering team at the University of Florida (UF) has been conducting simulations using SDSC’s Comet supercomputer to better understand the nanoscale level of this important material.

Sustainable Sneakers: UC San Diego Scientists Create the World’s First Biodegradable Shoe

April 21, 2022

…shoe soles. When that material was finally developed, they set out to make a shoe that was also 100% biodegradable, which required developing 3D-knit sneaker upper material that was made entirely from plant fibers. When the shoes have outlived their usefulness, the polyurethane bottoms, known as Soleic Foam, along with…

Nanoengineer Honored for Fundamental Research on Battery Materials

October 7, 2016

…in the fields of electrochemistry, electrochemical engineering, or solid-state science and technology.

Soft Devices—Powered by ‘Stressed’ Algae—Glow in the Dark When Squished or Stretched

September 20, 2022

UC San Diego researchers developed soft devices containing algae that glow in the dark when experiencing mechanical stress, such as being squished, stretched, twisted or bent. The devices do not need electronics to produce light, making them useful for building soft robots for deep sea exploration.

A Sea Change for Plastic Pollution: New Material Biodegrades in Ocean Water

September 22, 2022

Seeking solutions to counteract a rapid rise in plastic trash, scientists at UC San Diego have developed biodegradable material that is designed to replace conventionally used plastic. In a new study, an interdisciplinary team of researchers has shown that the material biodegrades in seawater.

Piranha-Proof Fish Scales Offer Inspiration for Better Armor

October 16, 2019

Material scientists have discovered what makes the scales of the massive Amazonian freshwater fish, Arapaima gigas, resistant to breaking when a piranha bites. The answer could serve as inspiration for stronger, lightweight and flexible synthetic armors.

Materials Processing Tricks Enable Engineers to Create New Laser Material

July 18, 2018

By doping alumina crystals with neodymium ions, engineers at the University of California San Diego have developed a new laser material that is capable of emitting ultra-short, high-power pulses—a combination that could potentially yield smaller, more powerful lasers with superior thermal shock resistance, broad tunability and high-duty cycles.

Nobel Laureate Helps Celebrate Launch of Institute for Materials Discovery and Design

October 8, 2020

…Launch of Institute for Materials Discovery and Design Stanley Whittingham was one of the recipients of the 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his work on Lithium ion batteries. He gave the keynote speech for the Institute for Materials Discovery and Design. Climate change, public health and equal access to…

X-ray Imaging Reveals Secrets In Battery Materials

June 18, 2015

In a new study, researchers explain why one particular cathode material works well at high voltages, while most other cathodes do not. The insights, published in the 19 June issue of the journal Science, could help battery developers design rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that operate at higher voltages.

San Diego Supercomputer Center to Help Create Science Gateway for New Materials Discovery

September 10, 2020

Multi-university collaboration to jointly develop a new science gateway allowing researchers to study the behavior of new and existing materials using X-ray diffraction.

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