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Future-proofing Software for Chemical Discovery

October 31, 2022

Computational chemistry affects everyday life more than most people might realize. It is used to develop drugs to treat diseases, generate data for environmental clean-up purposes, design solar energy technology, improve batteries, create enzymes to break down plastics and more.

$10M Grant from NSF Establishes Center for Trustworthy Machine Learning

October 24, 2018

…Science Foundation to make machine learning more secure. The grant establishes the Center for Trustworthy Machine Learning at a consortium of seven universities, including the University of California San Diego. Researchers will work together toward two goals: understanding the risks inherent to machine learning; and developing the tools, metrics and…

Machine Learning Helps Plasma Physics Researchers Understand Turbulence Transport

August 27, 2020

Physics researchers at UC San Diego successfully used machine learning techniques and supercomputer simulations to develop a new model for plasma turbulence o better understand its self-organization process.

UC San Diego Research Scientist Teams with TopCoder, NASA for Coding Challenge

September 13, 2013

…of challenge – inviting programmers worldwide to develop a machine-learning algorithm that would match human perception when picking out interesting features in satellite imagery used in Lin’s search for the lost burial site of Genghis Khan.

Jill P. Mesirov Appointed Associate Vice Chancellor for Computational Health Sciences

June 24, 2015

Leading computational biologist Jill P. Mesirov, PhD, has been appointed associate vice chancellor for computational health sciences and professor of medicine at University of California, San Diego School of Medicine and Moores Cancer Center. Mesirov most recently served as associate director and chief informatics officer at the Broad Institute of…

Undergraduate Engineers Get Hands-on Experience with Autonomous Vehicles

October 11, 2018

…It’s one thing to learn about computer vision, machine learning, control systems, neural networks and tools like Python and TensorFlow in lectures, books or videos. It’s another to learn these skills by actually using them to build and test small autonomous vehicles. That’s what students are doing in a hands-on…

Using Machine Learning Models to Better Predict Bladder Cancer Stages

July 2, 2019

Bladder cancer, one of the most common cancers in the U.S., may be soon helped by a novel non-invasive diagnostic method thanks to machine learning research by researchers at UC San Diego’s San Diego Supercomputer Center and Moores Cancer Center.

AI Harnesses Tumor Genetics to Predict Treatment Response

January 18, 2024

Cancer resists treatment in a multitude of ways, but a new algorithm developed by scientists at UC San Diego can decode them all simultaneously.

Engineers Use Graph Networks to Accurately Predict Properties of Molecules and Crystals

June 10, 2019

Nanoengineers at UC San Diego have developed new deep learning models that can accurately predict the properties of molecules and crystals. They can enable researchers to rapidly scan the nearly-infinite universe of compounds to discover potentially transformative materials for various applications.

Using Artificial Intelligence to Learn More about RAGE Receptors

March 31, 2020

A new study by SDSC researchers describes the use of artificial intelligence machine learning tools to demonstrate a potential RAGE inhibitor that has better efficacy and fewer side effects.

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