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Financial Integrity Oaths Reduce Corporate Corruption

October 26, 2023

A simple oath by executives can improve firms’ financial reporting, leading to less misconduct, according to new research from the University of California San Diego’s Rady School of Management.

New Report Calls for Cross-Sector Approach to Climate Action

October 24, 2023

A new report led by the University of California San Diego’s David G. Victor and fellow experts from the Commission on Accelerating Climate Action at the American Academy of Arts & Sciences, calls for a robust and coordinated, cross-sector effort to combat climate change.

Rady School Celebrates 20 Years of Innovation and Impact

October 24, 2023

To mark its 20th anniversary, the University of California San Diego’s Rady School of Management is hosting a series of TED-style talks from top faculty on Nov. 6.

Unions Push Companies to Reduce Risky Debt, Help Safeguard US Workers

October 17, 2023

As the U.S. experiences a wave of strikes and labor organizing, new research from the Rady School of Management shows that stronger unions improve the economy’s overall financial stability—reducing the risk of unemployment for unionized workers and the broader workforce.
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