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Phenomenal Phytoplankton: Scientists Uncover Cellular Process Behind Oxygen Production

May 31, 2023

According to new research, the amount of oxygen in one of 10 breaths was made possible thanks to a newly identified cellular mechanism that promotes photosynthesis in marine phytoplankton. The study, led by Scripps Institution of Oceanography, was published May 31 in Current Biology.

“Segment-Jumping” Ridgecrest Earthquakes Explored in New Study

May 24, 2023

A Scripps Oceanography seismologist and colleagues have used a supercomputer to reveal the complex dynamics of the 2019 Ridgecrest earthquakes — the biggest earthquakes to hit California in more than 20 years.

Underwater Soundscapes

May 1, 2023

Biological oceanographer Simone-Baumann Pickering leads the Scripps Acoustic Ecology Laboratory, a group of researchers that works in collaboration with other campus labs recording underwater sound data in an effort to learn more about deep sea marine mammals and their prey.

Elephant Seals Drift Off to Sleep While Diving Far Below the Ocean Surface

April 20, 2023

For the first time, scientists have recorded brain activity in a free-ranging, wild marine mammal, revealing the sleep habits of elephant seals during the months they spend at sea.

“Bizarre” Yoda Acorn Worm Makes Top 10 Marine Species List

March 23, 2023

A team of marine scientists at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego described a new acorn worm species, Yoda demiankoopi, in a paper published in 2022. Now the deep-sea worm is among the top 10 new marine species acknowledged by the World Register of Marine Species.

New Study Provides First Comprehensive Look at Oxygen Loss on Coral Reefs

March 16, 2023

A new study is providing an unprecedented examination of oxygen loss on coral reefs around the globe under ocean warming. Led by researchers at UC San Diego's Scripps Institution of Oceanography, the study captures the current state of hypoxia—or low oxygen levels—at 32 different sites.

New Study Examines Noise Reduction from Retrofitted Shipping Vessels

March 16, 2023

Researchers with the Scripps Whale Acoustics Lab teamed up with shipping giant Maersk to examine radiated noise from 12 of Maersk’s retrofitted vessels, an effort to identify whether design changes have an impact on noise levels. The study was published March 16 in the journal PLOS One.

Researchers Extract First Layered Lake-Sediment Sample from Subglacial Antarctica

March 9, 2023

For the first time, a team of researchers with the National Science Foundation-funded project Subglacial Antarctic Lakes Scientific Access (SALSA) has successfully extracted layered sediments from beneath the modern Antarctic ice sheet.

Pink Dye Experiment to Reveal Mysteries of Coastal Ocean Dynamics

February 2, 2023

This winter, researchers at UC San Diego’s Scripps Institution of Oceanography and the University of Washington are leading a pink-hued dye experiment, titled Plumes in Nearshore Conditions, or PiNC, to study how small freshwater outflows interact with the surfzone.

New Species of Deep-Sea Fish Discovered off Costa Rica

January 19, 2023

A team of researchers led by UC San Diego’s Scripps Institution of Oceanography has discovered a new species of fish—a member of the eelpout family—that lives in the eastern Pacific Ocean off Costa Rica.
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