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UC San Diego to Advance Stem Cell Therapies in New Space Station Lab

April 8, 2020

…can be caused by alcohol use, obesity, viral infection and a number of other factors. They are interested in determining the impact microgravity may have on liver function, which could provide insights into diseases on Earth, as well as potential effects during space travel. In the future, the team may…

Q&A: Maintaining Mental Health in the Time of COVID-19

September 3, 2020

…as higher utilization of alcohol and other substances, or fall prey to addictions like food, online gambling or shopping. Even those who have been solid as a rock might have begun to feel anxiety and depression during the pandemic. Sometimes the depression is a manifestation of the compounded despair and…

No Strings Attached

December 5, 2013

…“temptation goods” such as alcohol and tobacco. But perhaps most interesting and significant is that mental health improved substantially. According to validated psychological scales, there were large reductions in stress and depression, along with increases in life satisfaction. There is even some evidence, as measured by saliva samples, that larger…

It Takes a Community to Raise a Startup: Winners Stand Out at UC San Diego Entrepreneur Challenge

June 7, 2016

…sensors on soap and alcohol dispensers, in the rooms, on the beds or in the hallways. Braykion received 2nd place in the technology track of the UC San Diego Entrepreneur Challenge and also received the audience choice award. In addition to being accelerated through the Entrepreneur Challenge curriculum, Braykion is…

The Underwater Library at Scripps Institution of Oceanography

April 8, 2021

…suspended silently in their alcohol seas, a mausoleum of 140,000 jars representing more than 6,000 different marine fish species. But they’re not entombed here; these specimens are all available to the scientific community, both near and far, and have many tales to tell even in their lifeless state. One big…

A Celebration of Latinx Heritage and Hope

October 7, 2021

…20-year hiatus due to alcohol and drug abuse was a little intimidating for Jennifer Gomez, but she has channeled her energy into empowering others. She is currently a member (and former president) of UC San Diego’s Underground Scholars Initiative—a student organization connecting formerly incarcerated students and students directly impacted by…

Celebrating the successes of UC San Diego’s most dynamic grads

June 14, 2018

…perception of drugs and alcohol among teens. Moving forward, he plans to work in the private sector for the next few years and wants to return to school for his master’s degree. “Family is my motivation, especially my siblings, because despite the drastic changes in lifestyle, they have not given…

A Look Back at 2022

December 15, 2022

A Look Back at 2022

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